CHANGELOG for version 2.1

-- Version 2.1 released

9/17/02: Lined up tables in general stats screen.  Added active-lease
	filter to those screens that list the whole database.  Made
	page title less silly.

-- Version 2.0b released

07/17/02: Included ((C) Stephen Brenner, see copyright notice in
	source) in the file for compactness.  Added "system name" option. 
	Decided to release to all the world, I hope someone finds it useful.

07/16/02: Updated to work with ISC DHCP version 3.0p1. Improved
	code comments after the pain of deciphering my own uncommented code.
	Added the new "binding state" field to lease display.  Improved code
	by moving most functions to subroutines.

1997:	Wrote version 1.  Used mainly in-house.  Made various updates
	and revisions, but code was largely unmaintained.