README for version 2.1 is a CGI script written in perl. It displays statistics and
lease entries for ISC DHCPD by parsing the dhcpd.conf and dhcpd.leases
files. version 2 supports version 3.0p1 and above of the ISC
DHCP distribution.

Copyright 1997-2002 John G. Drummond. this program is licensed under the 
GNU Public License.  See the text at the top of the file for additional 
licensing and usage information.

For updates and information, see .

To install: 

1) Unzip and untar the file:

	$ gunzip
	$ tar -xvf

   The archive contains three files:, CHANGELOG, and this
	README file.

2) Copy or move the file into the cgi-bin directory for your 
	Web server (or some subdirectory thereof).  

3) Set the permissions on the file.  Most CGI scripts are set to mode 755

	$cd /place/where/you/put/
	$chmod 0755
	(or $chmod o=rx

4) Open with your favorite text editor and change the options
	in the OPTIONS section.  The defaults assume you have a default
	installation of ISC DHCP and have your in the root of
	your cgi-bin directory.  The $sysname field is optional, but makes 
	it nice if you have on more than one system.

5) You should be done!  Point your browser at and see if it
	works!  ([directory]/

NOTE: On public systems where I have installed, I use HTTP
	Basic Authentication to keep outsiders from using
	See the documentation for your Web server.  Your security is up
	to you, but I don't see any reason to give away information about
	your network. :)   

If you have problems, discover bugs, have a suggestion, or make an improvement,
	send email to and I'll be glad to take a look, time