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VAXBB version 0.95-1/ John G. Drummond /
CHANGELOG for VAXBB version 0.95-1

2/05/02	-Fixed bug in "previous" button that got missed
	before the 0.95 release.  Thanks Chris Sands

--v.0.95 released--  (0.94 was never released)

2/02/02- Made addbbuser die if htpasswd binary is missing;
	moved &PrintBase to bbconfig; included &TestInput
	to patch a security hole (I'm an idiot); included
	bbstatwindow into main code; fixed negative unread
	in bbstatus when articles are deleted

2/01/02-  corrected problem of SEARCH "Exit" link not
	returning to READ menu

12/18/01- now strips thread info from 
	"Reply to:" entries in subject line.

11/02/01- Fixed the ignominious "Exit from Read By ID
	bug of doom."  Thanks LS

9/04/01	- Reversed search order in FindIt() (in
	bbconfig) so that more recent articles get
	searched first.

3/22/00 - Finished removal of postfile_database code. 
	Fixed bbskipnames, which got broken somewhere
	back there.

3/21/00 - Started converting from using "postfile_database"
	list of post files to simply using the directory
	listing w/ opendir().

12/21/00 - Fixed bug where addbbuser and addbbcat was
	not chown/chgrping the users and posts dirs.
	PrintArticle now prints category name in all
	caps (for historical reasons)  Removed dangerous 
	system(rm) calls from delbbcat.

12/20/00 - Modified addbbuser and addbbcat to create
	users and posts directories if they don't
	exist.  Implemented read/query by user id. Added
	ftp:// and https:// to link generating regex.

12/19/00 - Added more comments to bbconfig.  Fixed bug 
	where date was not being displayed in 
	readall-subsequent.  Added more comments to a 
	few other files.  Removed system() calls to
	mkdir and touch.  Added help menus, which seem
	to not have made it into the last release. :)
	Fixed bug in where thread info was not
	being separated from the actual article number.

12/18/00 - Added support for HTML anchors in the post
	body (can be turned off in bbconfig).

--v.0.93 released--

12/05/00 - Fixed bug in allowing ppl to delete
	anyone's posts.  Fixed bugs in modify.cgi (was
	totally broken, not sure when that happened). 
	Wrote basic menu help. Removed
	and delconfirm.cgi, both now deprecated. Wrote
	basic menu-level help.

11/27/00 - Fixed bug where PrintError subroutine was broken.
	Added  Added inclusion of delete button
	when author or administrator is reading a post. 

11/21/00 - Moved errors to PrintError subroutine

--v.0.921 released--

11/19/00 - Fixed bug where quotes would chop the end of
	subject fields -- thanks to agentplaid for the
	report.  Got rid of need for temporary files (I
	am an idiot).

11/17/00 - Added delbbuser and delbbcat for the sake of
	simplicity; however, they need to be made safer.
	Removed deprecated $BBHTML from bbconfig. Updated
	FILES to reflect actual reality. ;)-~

--v. 0.92 released--

11/10/00 - Fixed MARK ALL READ in never-read category

11/9/00 - Added threading info to replied-to articles;
	removed hard email links to me (OOPS!);

11/8/00 - Removed some hard paths that I missed, fixed
	some broken links that occurred because of them.
	Removed "Previous" button from article #1.  

--v. 0.91 released--

11/3/00 - Added --initial function to addbbuser. Added 
        addbbcat program. Created to make vaxbb
        completely cgi based and insular.

11/2/00 - Rewrote code to relativize paths; added bbconfig;
	relegated all html files to dynamic creation by;  changed directory structure for data and

4/00 - 10/00 -- Misc little tweaks and failed experiments. Also
	added fullbbstat.cgi, cleaned up code.

--v.0.01 released--

4/7/00 - Fixed bug where modify allows HTML tags

1999 - Began project as a sprawling mass of junk in an effort
     to learn PERL and resurrect my favorite bb ever: bb.chatter
     on  Long Live the VAXVeterans. Long Live