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VAXBB version 0.95 / John G. Drummond / 
FILES list for VAXBB version 0.95

CHANGELOG			Change Log 
FILES				This List
LICENSE				The GNU Public License (GPL)
README.AUTH			Quick and dirty explanation of HTTP Basic Auth
TODO				Stuff that should be added
addbbcat			Script for adding categories
addbbuser			Script for adding users
bbconfig			Config file for options			Generates BBSKIPNAMES editing page
bbstatus.cgi			Generates BBSTATUS for a particular group
categories			List of active categories			Stephen Brenner's cgi library for perl
delbbuser			Script for deleting users
delbbcat			Script for deleting categories			Delete an article				Query Articles for a String			
fullbbstat.cgi			Status of all categories			Generates POST editing page			Generates REPLY editing page			Generates HTML menu pages			BB index.html generator			Marks all articles in a category as read
modify.cgi			Modify an article posted by you			Modifies BBSKIPNAMES file
motd				Message of the Day (can include html)
[posts]				Directory of posts by category
readall-initial.cgi		Starts a new readall sequence
readall-subsequent.cgi		Continues readall sequence			Calls articles by article number
unread.cgi			Outputs next unread notice
[users]				Directory for user option and status files			Generates list of active users			Writes article to file